The digital paintings shown here stem from an interest in applying some of the concepts of generative progression into my art making process. I wanted to create images on a flat, static surface that grew from the mutation of one generation to the next and the metamorphosis of one form to another. I developed a system where digital paintings are composed through a process of mirroring and modifying image sections as I go along; thus the image evolves over the space of the picture plane, in a way that breeds upon itself, to construct the overall image. In producing more and more paintings using this method, numerous variations in underlying structures and compositional building processes have emerged; some very regular and grid like, others more free form.

Process is important to me, but ultimately I want the final works to stand on their own, without the viewer having to know my process to understand the work. Each work of art presents a vista to explore and I want the viewer to free their imagination and find their own interpretations within the imagery.


Nomad   22" x 22"   ©1996

Cape Flora

Cape Flora   28" x 28"   ©1996

Space Tango

Space Tango   40" x 30"   ©1996

Coral Sea

Coral Sea   48" x 36"   ©2000


Passage   36" x 36"   ©1997


Sonata   58" x 30"   ©1997


Lagoon   28" x 21"   ©1997

Coal Canyon

Coal Canyon   36" x 16"   ©1997


Cloudbreak   28" x 21"   ©1999



20" x 28"


On the Verge

On the Verge

30" x 36"


Ice Dream

Ice Dream   32" x 20"   ©1996